SharingMatrix: News of Earn-Program

We pay up to 30$ for unique 1000 downloads
Countries: USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Swiss, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Russia, Ireland, Norway, Sweden,Finland

For 1 file size from 1mb to 100mb you receive 1 point (for 1000 downloads 5$)
For 1 file size from 101mb to 250mb you receive 2 points (for 1000 downloads 10$)
For 1 file size from 251mb to 300mb you receive 3 points (for 1000 downloads 15$)

We pay you 30% from the price of Premium accounts you sell.
You also receive 30% of all payments from a premium user, while he remains a user of the Premium service.

If user purchases 1 month premium access = you receive 600 points
If user purchases 3 months premium access = you receive 1500 points
If user purchases 6 months premium access = you receive 2700 points

Referral program
We will pay you 20% from the money earned for downloads from affiliates who you referred to the Sharing Matrix affiliate program.

The payment period is 2 weeks
Money for 1-15th of the month will send 16th of the current month, money for 16-31 will be send on the 1th of the next month
Minimal payment 30 USD.

Only for Files Storages Encyclopedia members:
Buy a Easy-Share premium account WITH a DISCOUNT!

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