Two news about Easy-Share's Earn programs

Sept 11, 2007: Attention! Please remember that payout rules were changed!
To receive a payment you have to request it. Click Payment History.
To request money you should have a premium account valid 30 or more days.
If you requested money before September 15th, you'll get your payments on September 27th.

Sept 25, 2007: Easy-Share extends its Doubles Reward program. In October we pay $20 per 10000 downloads.
Double rates are valid from October 1, 2007 through November 1, 2007

Read full post General Info is an industry-leading service provider powered by dedicated servers. We offer a fast and simple way to share files. All files web hosting are on powerful and stable linux dedicated servers! Our servers are managed by professionals who know what they're doing. We are committed to bring you the best possible service. Unlimited bandwidth and disk space, we are one of the few to provide such a powerful dedicated service with highly managed dedicated servers. The dedicated servers are on one of the most reliable datacenters in the US.
Max file size: 500 Mb
Period of files-keeping: It will expire in 30 days of inactivity
Premium-account: No
Parallel downloads: Unlimited
Download-Limit: No
Resume aborted downloads: No
Earn program: No
Multi-upload: No
Remote upload: No
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 5/5
Support of Download-Accelerators: Yes
Special Upload/Download soft: No

Resume: No comments...

Official FAQ

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Another news from Easy-Share

Sept 13, 2007 - FTP upload was changed.

After file upload you have log out from ftp, go to main page, and click "commit upload" button in your account (see picture below).
This improves stability of ftp uploads and allows to resume broken uploads.

(Click on picture to enlarge)

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Some useful features of Rapidshare

Many do not use all features of share-services. So I want to tell you about some features of Rapidshare.
1. Check RapidShare-URLs for availability
You can add a list of RapidShare-URLs of your choice and we will check if all files exist on our servers. If the file does not exist, the link will be shown in red. If the file exists but the server is down, the file will be shown in yellow. If all is ok, the link will be shown in green.
- Go to check page
- Enter one URL per line. Example:
- Click "Check URLs"
- Enjoy! :)

2. Remote-uploads (only for Premium-users)
- Go to your premium-zone
- Click "Remote-Uploads" button
- Enter one URL per line. Just enter one link (http://.... or ftp://....) per line and we will upload that file(s) for you to RapidShare. The RapidShare-link(s) will automatically appear in your premium-zone. You can use http:// and ftp://. Make sure the file is not bigger than 105.000.000 bytes (100 MB), or the process will abort. More infos in our FAQ. If you click on the upload-button without giving an URL, the page will be refreshed without doing anything else. This way you can track your remote-uploads in real-time! You can enter one URL per line. Don't forget that all transfers start at once! If you enter 100 URLs, which are all located on the same server, some downloads will probably fail.
- Click "Start Remote-upload" button
- Wait... and enjoy! :)
P.S. After uploads you must delete uploaded links. Max quantity of links is 100. If you remote-upload many files then it is a problem. Not exist "Check all" button. :(

In next publication: Choise best server, Get Free Premium-account: Collector zone

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Two news from Easy-Share

Sept 5, 2007: File rename and other new features in My Files section. (My comment: VERY useful! Good)

Aug 21, 2007: Easy-Share doubles uploaders rewards in September! We will pay $20 per 10000 downloads!
Double rates are valid from September 1, 2007 through October 1, 2007.

No comment - also very good. But... a small... :)

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