Earn program of Hotfile.com is changed

From HF: Our affiliate program is open for every registered member in our site. Starting 24.06.2009 we implemented 5 types of uploader accounts.
We have a flexible rate for each of your files:

All uploader accounts are checked daily for their performance during the last 7 days. If necessary your status will be changed and your file's downloads will be credited according to the table above.

Your status depends on your conversion ratio which includes:
* 1. The ratio of uploaded files to number of downloads.
* 2. The ratio of the users that downloaded your files and the users that become premium based on your uploaded files.
We are trying to encourage the good promoters by increasing their earnings and to reduce the earnings for uploaders that mainly use the free hotfile resources for storage.
Note: Since our price table prior to 24.06.2009 is actually the same as our current Silver rank, we're setting all uploaders with Silver rank for all downloads made before 24.06.2009.

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Affiliates: How can i become platinum member / raise my rank?

Essentially to reach a higher status your links should sell more premium accounts. Here are few tips that may help you to be promoted to a higher type of uploader and eventually to reach the platinum status:
* - Don't post links to different file hosting sites for the same file. This kind of mirrors allows users to simultaneously download from different sites and they have less incentive to buy premium.
* - Don't switch every day to different file hosting service - that way people are less willing to buy a premium account, as they will need multiple premium accounts from different services to get all the content and that is more expensive.
* - Do not upload files that you will not promote. Used server space is also accounted when your rank is considered.
* - Put more effort into bringing more visitors to download your files, rather than to upload more files. If you are uploading 10Gb of files everyday just to have every file downloaded few times you are going to stick with Copper.
* - Don't post on resources that have popups, try to install troyans and similar stuff. This way users do not have much trust and are less willing to pay.

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Rapidshare: Earn up to 20 Euro for gaining us a new customer!

RapidShare now offers you an affiliate program through which you can earn hard cash. Our affiliate program is not to be confused with other affiliate programs though. We will continue not to bother our customers with annoying pop up ads. It's also possible without that: a new one year account that is acquired today can earn you 20 Euro! Any owner of a Premium or Collector's account can participate. There is no need for a complicated setup process either. Just have a look at your Premium or Collector's Zone - you might already have earned some Euros. As soon as someone buys a Premium Account from the download page of a file you have uploaded, ReferrerPoints will be credited to your account. You can cash out the ReferrerPoints at an exchange rate which also is shown in the Premium and Collector's Zone. More information can be found in FAQ.

How does the recruitment of new customers work?
* Have you been convinced by the quality of our service? Let others know about it, too! From this time on you can even earn money by acquiring new customers.Even now, in this moment, a customer can buy an account and earn you up to 20 € by doing so! You can acquire new customers in the following ways:
1. Link with Referrer ID
2. File upload
* Link with Referrer ID
You can put an individual link containing your Referrer ID on your website. The link will look like this: http://rapidshare.com/premium.html?ref=REFSTRING
* You can see your individual REFSTRING in the Premium or Collector's Zone.
* Whenever a user buys a Premium Account via PayPal from that page, the resulting ReferrerPoints will be credited to your account.
* File upload
Additionally we will of course give you ReferrerPoints if someone buys a Premium Account from the download page of a file you have uploaded. The Referrer ID will also be integrated during countdown and on error sites, e.g. in case the download limit has already been reached. RapidPoints, which are also needed for payout, are obtainable not only by offering files but also by every payment for renewal of your account, so your account can hold many RapidPoints without you having offered files.

How many ReferrerPoints will I get for which newly purchased account?
* a 30 days Premium Account will lead to 1 ReferrerPoint
* a 90 days Premium Account will lead to 3 ReferrerPoints
* a 180 days Premium Account will lead to 5 ReferrerPoints
* a 365 days Premium Account will lead to 10 ReferrerPoints.

Will the Referrer program be offered permanently?
* The Referrer program is currently in an experimental stage. We reserve the right to change or stop it at any time.

What happens if a new customer I recruited decides to withdraw his payment?
* In this case the corresponding number of ReferrerPoints will be removed again from your account.

What is the exchange rate?
* The exchange rate tells you how much a ReferrerPoint is worth in money (in combination with 1000 RapidPoints, see below).
* ReferrerPoints on their own are of no defined value. Their value depends on the exchange rate which can change over time. Just like a real currency it will be worth less when a lot of it is circulating and worth more when there's less circulating. Other than on the stock market there won't be tremendous changes within short periods of time.

Why can I redeem ReferrerPoints only in connection with 1000 RapidPoints?
* Basically the exchange rate always consists of 1000 RapidPoints and one ReferrerPoint. Here we assume that 1000 RapidPoints are worth 0,70 €. If the exchange rate is at 2 €, the ReferrerPoint itself will be worth 1,30 €. To make things easier, just imagine the ReferrerPoint is worth 2 € and the exchange per ReferrerPoint costs you 1000 RapidPoints of handling fee. This combination is set up to prevent attempted fraud.

By which means will the money be paid?
* To get your money transferred you will need a Paypal account.
* After we verified that your ReferrerPoints and RapidPoints were accumulated conform to our rules, the sum will be transferred to your Paypal account.
* This may take four to six weeks.
* We reserve the right to pay off only a part of the requested sum, e.g. in case ReferrerPoints had to be taken back from your account because of withdrawn payments of the new customer. It's understood that in this case we charge fewer RapidPoints according to the situation and the leftover balance can be requested again later.

What are the exact terms of participation and when do we verify if they have been fulfilled?
* From a technical viewpoint just like with RapidPoints every user participates automatically, but we will only check the compliance with our conditions once a payout has been requested. Our Terms of Service apply for participation in our affiliate program.
* Users who accumulated their ReferrerPoints by distributing files they were not allowed to (see our Terms of Service) won't get paid off. The same applies for users who got their ReferrerPoints by advertising in connection with that kind of files or on illegal websites.

Will payoff be possible by any other means than using Paypal?
* We are taking other possibilities into consideration, but for now decided to start with just Paypal. Suggestions can be submitted to our support team and will be processed to the division in charge.

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At the Depositfiles added Multi Remote-Upload!

At the Depositfiles added Multi Remote-Upload!

To minimize your traffic and time you may upload any amount of files from remote servers to your account.
You can queue 200 URLs daily!


If you want to upload your file as fast as possible, you should check 'High priority' option. Daily number of such uploads is limited (depending on your account type).
High priority downloads number today is 5.

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Top of File Sharing Services: May

Users often change their preferences (especially those who do not have premium accounts). Yes, and services are beginning to work better or worse. So I start a new category for webmasters - Top of File Sharing Services. It is solely about the earn programs and ease of service.

So, the May results:
1. Depositfiles.com (More)
2. Uploading.com (More)
3. Hotfile.com (More)
4. SharingMatrix.com (More)
5. Qubecash.com (More)

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Hotfile.com [Add Info]

NEW file sharing service! Enjoy!

Max file size: 400 Mb
Premium-account: Yes
Period of files-keeping: 90 days after last download
Parallel downloads (Free/Premium): No/Yes
FTP upload: No
Resume downloads (Free/Premium): No/Yes
Earn program: Yes. Good program!
Multi-upload: No
Remote upload: Yes. Very Fast and Quality. Daily download limit = 10 Gb
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 7/7
Support of Download-Accelerators: Premium users only
Special Upload/Download soft: No

Special feature:
1. Creating a virtual copies of files as SharingMatrix

REGISTER Free account NOW!

REGISTER Free account NOW!

Only for Files Storages Encyclopedia members:
Buy a Easy-Share premium account WITH a DISCOUNT!

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Remote uploads. Week News

1. Qubecash.com - Fixed
2. HotFile.com - Fixed
3. Uploading.com - often unavailable

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RapidShare API goes public

If you want to write your own programs for using RapidShare, you no longer have to search for possible function calls and their replies in our website's HTML source. Our API now offers all important functions in a programmer-friendly way. You can find the technical documentation online here. Have fun!

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Check out the new Premium Zone and collect more RapidPoints!

We have spent the last couple of weeks developing an improved design of our premium zone and added new features, e.g. the possibility to create a folder structure. To try out and test you will be able to use both zones in parallel for next two weeks. If you experience a bug regarding the navigation or programming, tell us about it! The sender of the first mail we receive reporting a particular bug will be rewarded with 1.000 RapidPoints, accredited to his or her account. Don't forget to include the Premium or Collector's account ID in your e-mail. You can also donate your points to somebody else's account. Please send your report to: bugreport@rapidshare.com.

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Depositfiles: D-Points - are Points you get for downloading files!

Depositfiles.com presents campaign D-points under the Loyalty Program!*

Do you often download from Depositfiles.com? Now you got a great possibility to get a FREE Gold-account!!!

Download files from DepositFiles and collect D-Points! Having reached a certain amount of D-Points you can convert them to Gold-Keys and thus got free Gold-account!

1 your download of a file large than 20 MB = D-Point.

D-Points amount Gold-key
100 D-Points for 1 Week
170 D-Points for 2 Weeks
300 D-Points for 1 Month!!!

*Gold-keys are valid for all accounts! That is why you can do with your Gold-keys whatever you want: to activate in your account, present to friends and even sell!

Sending files to your friends use only DepositFiles.com and you will get all the advantages of the new Loyalty Program!

To participate in the D-Points campaign you need to confirm your desire


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More traffic for our RS-Premium customers

In addition to the Premium HappyHours, RapidShare is glad to announce another good news for Premium customers.

Our latest upgrade enables us to permanently raise the traffic credit to 5 GB per day. Up to 25 GB of traffic can be collected.

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Long time we have not seen :)
Accumulated a lot of news. Therefore, look in the next few days to blog more often :)

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