13 October 2007: Added new information about Earn-program of Rapidshare and HOW TO GET Premium-accounts for some share-services for FREE.

10 October 2007: Added new information about Earn-program of Depositfiles.

27 September 2007: Added new information about Easy-Share's Earn programs and

14 September 2007: Added new information about Easy-Share ftp uploads.

Have you ever been confused using some of file-sharing services (as Rapidshare, MegaUpload, Depositfiles, etc.)?
And you don't understand how to get the links from there?
Do you want know about earn-programs this services?
May be you want to share some files you have with other people and you don't know how?
Files Storage Encyclopedia will help with that!
This is not just news, but also share services guide. Here you will find all information about file-hosting companies. List the comments, because they contain even more info then news.
If you have something interesting to say, post it in Work Zone. Labels will help you with searching.
You can ask any question/problem you have with downloading/uploading of files from the file-sharing servers.
You have found the file-hosting service and you like it so much that you want to share this info with other people? Or maybe you have some problems with new/old file-sharing services? Ask your questions in appropriate section and we try to help you. Together we will make this blog the ALL-in-One source of information about file-hosing services.
For convinient site navigation use Menu from the left and labels. For now, only people, which have an accounts on Blogger or Gmail account, may post the comments. Don't forget: all comments will be put into moderation.

11 September 2007: Added new information about new features and earn-program of Easy-Share and features of Rapidshare: Check RapidShare-URLs and Remote-uploads, "Free download for all!".

15 August 2007: Added new information about Earn program of and SkyDrive File Sharing Service

18 July 2007: Information added about and Earn program of

29 June 2007: Information added about UltraShare.NET, and Megarotic Earn Program.

28 June 2007: Information added about GigaSize Internet Explorer toolbar and
Earn program of

25 June 2007: We are opened! Welcome!

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Depositfiles: Prize index

Attention! Depositfiles always aim at improving the conditions for our users and giving the existing Bonus Program Participants more opportunities to earn! Now everybody can improve his profit with Depositfiles by adding little more efforts in the right direction!
All Bonus Program Participants acquire their Personal Prize Index which defines the amount of money that will be added to your main earnings!

The Prize Index (from 1 to 100)
1) 0-19-your current earnings (100%)
2) 20-39-you get +10% in addition to your earnings
3) 40-59-you get +20% in addition to your earnings
4) 60-79-you get +30% in addition to your earnings
5) 80-100-you get +40%in addition to your earnings

E.g: Today you earned $10 and your Prize Index is 62. In accordance to the table given above you get +30% ($10 x 30% = $3).That is your today's earning makes $10 + $3 = $13.
You will see the Prize Money in the column Prize on the Bonus Program page.

Note: The Prize Index can only be applied to those users who collected 7000 downloads and more! New downloads-counter starts on the 1st of each month.

Factors influencing Prize Index:
Your activity
how often you upload files
number of users who download more then one of your files per day
which countries the users who download your files come from.
Popularity of your files
number of users who download your file completely (excluding those who stopped downloading and including resumed downloads)
the total number of downloads of your files per day,week,month
how many users who downloaded your files purchased Gold-account to speed up the downloads

The size of your files.
Whether your file is easy enough for your friends to download. Note that really big files are not very popular among the users as such files are difficult to download in one connection without using Gold Downloading Mode, in this case we suggest splitting a big file into several smaller parts with the help of archiver. (we remind you that Bonus Program will not count the files less then 1 MB and more then 300 MB)

Activity of your Referrals
The quality of your Referrals is more important then their quantity.That is your Prize Index also depends on how effective your Referrals work in Bonus Program.Note: the list of your referrals can be found in Referral area.

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Rapidshare: Important changes for Uploaders

On November 10th, we ( will launch our storage revision program.

Accounts that use more than 20 GB of storage will be marked as "XXL" accounts by our system.
If any files associated with an "XXL" account have not been downloaded within the last 90 days ("inactive files"), those files will be deleted automatically.
As soon as the account's storage is less than 20 GB, no further files will be deleted.
Of course, no active files (i.e. files that have been downloaded at least once during the last 90 days) will be deleted. This means, we still offer unlimited storage for active files.
Your account's current storage utilization is over 20 GB, which means your account will be marked as "XXL".
Please check your account for files that you no longer need and remove them.
This helps to avoid the deletion of files you would like to keep.

You can check your current storage utilization at any time in the premium zone, right above the files list.

Enjoy! :(

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