Uploading.com: General Info [NEW DATA]

Super file hosting for Webmasters! Uploading.com is the leading service among those providing file storing, sharing and transferring services. The service makes use of the newest high-speed and most important – reliable- server network possessing almost unlimited memory and working on multi-gigabyte Internet connections. We guarantee safety, confidentiality, stability and convenience.

Max file size (Not registered/Free/Premium): 100/100/1000 Mb
Premium-account: Yes
Period of files-keeping (Not registered/Free/Premium): 30 days since last download
Parallel downloads: Premium users only
Download-Limit (Not registered/Free/Premium): 100 Mb / 300 Mb / No Limit
Timeout (Not registered/Free/Premium): 90 sec / 60 sec / No Timeout
Resume downloads: Premium users only
Earn program: Yes. Best program!
Multi-upload: Yes
Remote upload: Yes
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 8/9
Support of Download-Accelerators: Premium users only
Special Upload/Download soft: Yes

Special feature:
1. Remote Uploads (for ALL users)
2. Email your download links


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Additional 20% bonus on traffic savings on RS

From Rapidshare:
Good new to our premium customers: we are able to increase the collectable traffic amount up to 20% to 12GB. We are going to check in February if a permanent increase will be possible.

Only for Files Storages Encyclopedia members:
Buy a Easy-Share premium account WITH a DISCOUNT!

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