Download manager, or FDN, allow you to get files from popular file hosting services fast and easy.

FDN works with:

The list of file hostings FDN works with is continually extended and updated on the assumption of our users’ demand.
FDN is not break-in, crack or circumvention of the legal way of downloading files from file hoisting. We pay to file hosting the same rate for each file as the rest of users. Exactly because our activity is absolutely legal, we grant our clients the highest level of service and convenience.

The principle of program operation is simple. User adds the link of any serviced file hosting to the program. It can be done through of menu or clipboard. Then link is then checked to be valid (“File information request” status). Then, if the file is valid and accessible, its status is changed to “Ready for downloading. Press Download to start”.

If the file does not exist or if download is impossible, the system returns “error” or “file was deleted” message.

When you press Download button, the program reserves credits from you personal account and sends file download request to our server. At this time the status of the program is changed to “Downloading” or “Preparing file for download”.

If download is impossible or fails, the status is changed to “Download error” and the reserved credit is transferred back to the user’s account (note: the return of credits can be delayed a little, to be sure just restart FDN).

As usual in 20 seconds from starting, the file goes to download mode. The status is changed to “Downloading” and the indicators of download speed and file size arise.

At download completion the file is reallocated to the list of downloaded files.


1. If user is trying to delete the file, which downloading is already started, then paid credits for that deleted file are not to be returned.
2. If you start the download of the file, you should not make pause downloading for longer than 24 hours. Otherwise the file will be removed from the temporary directory at our server and you will have to download and pay the whole file as long as we have to download and pay it again too. It’s important to understand that it concerns pauses (breaks) while downloading. If you download a big file without breaks (or with breaks less than 24 hours long) using modem connection, you will download it successfully, as the system controls everything and do not remove files which are in process.
3. For downloading of very big files (2GB and more) it is important to have NTFS file system at target HDD (as usual this file system is default for all modern computers). Otherwise the message of saving error is returned.
4. If you meet with difficulties, failures or troubles working with the program please use the button “Contact support” in the program interface. This way the support service will receive your report for sure, know your login and analyze event log.

1. We strongly recommend you to use real and valid e-mail address during your registration. We send confirmatory e-mail message which contains the link for you to receive 100 gift credits. It is also used for contacting support service and changing password if necessary.
2. If you have high-speed internet connection, we recommend you to adjust downloading settings to highest level. For slow connections we recommend using the default settings.
3. If you have any difficulties with buying credits, please read the “Payment” section in FAQ.
4. Bought credits are displayed at the server immediately, but the program can display them after restart or beginning downloading.

You can also use FDN with direct HTTP links as simple download manager.


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Easy-Share: File availability checker is released

File availability checker is released.

Check availability of up to 100 files at once. Go directly to or click "Tools > Check file availability" in your account.

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All our performance tests have been completed, therefore the Super Happy Hours for Premium users have ended. The wires were glowing constantly during the past days, and we have been able to implement some additional technical improvements. Of course the usual Premium Happy Hours from 2 a.m. to 10 a.m. CET remain active, so during that time only 10% of your traffic usage is counted.

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Preparing for the transition into a new rates system

As mentioned earlier, we are going to replace the current system of rates to one that is more modern and advanced in it’s efficiency. We’ve begun this process immediately. Today we’ll delve into the preparatory phase of the transition.
First, the new system will not add the balance for sales, but this should be fully compensated by the rates. The new rates will be set primarily in accordance with the ratio of sales as well as several other parameters. Note that this does not mean that this will not be possible without the sales income.
As you may have guessed, we are about to introduce the system which may be familiar to some partners; where the rates are determined by the status of the account. The base status, which would be set for everyone by default, won’t be less than the average rates currently used on And, for the most active partners, status will be immediately upgraded up to 1 or even 2 levels (total we have planned 4 levels of status).
Separate rates will also be introduced by file sizes. Within these new rates we intend to increase the maximum possible payment for 1000 unique downloads. In addition to this, we are going to expand the list of paid countries.


We already have the approximate rates, but we can’t publish them at the moment. Over the weekend we are going to test a new system and implement it around the middle of next week.
Until Monday, some errors may become evident in the statistics, but all stats are stored and maintained in a separate script. We’ve had to disable the calculation of sales to make possible this transition into the new system.
We apologize for inconveniences. Be certain that it is not an easy time for us, for we currently have to act very quickly in regards to difficult situations. All the taken and planned measures are being weighed and, ultimately, should ensure so long-awaited stability for everyone. We are doing everything possible to overcome this difficult period as quickly as possible in order to reach a new level. We ask for your understanding.

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Легально и дешево! Премиум-аккаунты на Rapidshare, Easy-Share, Depositfiles, Uploading за WebMoney

Внимание! Добавлены новые предложения!

Премиум-аккаунты на


за WebMoney!

Все абсолютно легально и дешево!

ВСЕ аккаунты не карженные, абсолютно легальные - созданы за счет набранных премиум-очков (которые и Вы сможете набирать потом) или при участии в партнерской программе того или иного сервиса.

Подробнее о таких программах читайте на Files Storage Encyclopedia.

Цены, естественно, ниже чем официальные (некоторые - на 25%!)

Читаем дальше...

Если Вас заинтересовало предложение, напишите на почту (адрес под катом) - дам дополнительную информацию. Также могу выслать номер аськи для подробного разговора.

via PalGraphicsArea

Итак... Далее по сервисам: Вам нужен премиум-аккаунт на Вы можете приобрести его по очень низкой цене. Однако, оплата только в системе WebMoney (поэтому и пост на русском).
Стоимость месячного премиум-аккаунта 8 WMZ (у RS - 7 евро, у реселлера - еще больше).
Аккаунты не карженные, абсолютно легальные - созданы за счет набранных премиум-очков (которые и Вы сможете набирать потом).
Я не продаю созданные заранее аккаунты и уже имеющие конечную дату действия (аккаунт заводится на 1 месяц).
Сразу после оплаты для Вас создается аккаунт, который сразу вступает в действие и будет действителен на протяжении 30 дней.

Если вы хотите использовать один аккаунт на двоих с товарищем, по крайней мере, не заходите одновременно - это уменьшит риск блокировки, но не исключает ее.

Никогда не покупайте аккаунты у людей которые предлагают аккаунты большего срока действия чем 30 дней, либо аккаунты других файлообменных систем. Такие аккаунты делаются на ВОРОВАННЫЕ кредитные карты! Дальше происходит следующее: - пострадавшее лицо (владелец карты) подаёт заявление в банк о краже денег, и, как следствие, ВАШ аккаунт заблокируют. Всё получится как в сказке - останетесь вы у разбитого корыта ;)
Будьте внимательны! Лучше заплатить на доллар больше, но быть спокойным! Легальные аккаунты - только те, что сделаны на премиум-поинты и быть они сроком больше чем 30 дней - НИКАК НЕ МОГУТ! Пожалуйста, будьте бдительны, не покупайте "палёные" аккаунты! Теперь и аккаунты на! Здесь ситуация аналогичная - все абсолютно легально и делается в рамках партнерской программы сервиса. Цена на аккаунты дешевле чем официальные на 10%.
Здесь еще проще - для покупки аккаунта просто пройдите по ссылке и скидка у вас в кармане! :) Здесь также все делается в рамках партнерской программы сервиса. Можете сами зарегистрироваться и увидеть ее условия.

Премиум-аккаунты Официальные цены:
3 дня = $4.95
1 месяц = $9.95
3 месяца = $19.95
6 месяцев = $29.95
12 месяцев = $49.95

Премиум-аккаунты Мои цены:
3 дня = $4
1 месяц = $8.5
3 месяца = $17
6 месяцев = $26
12 месяцев = $40 Один из наиболее популярных сервисов у веб-мастеров. Также все делается в рамках партнерской программы сервиса. Можете сами зарегистрироваться и увидеть ее условия.

Премиум-аккаунты Мои цены:
Две недели = $4
1 месяц = $7.5 (цена самого сервиса = $9.90)
3 месяца = $17 (цена самого сервиса на 2 (!) месяца = $19.95)
6 месяцев = $30 (цена самого сервиса = $44.95)
1 год = $50 (цена самого сервиса = $68.95)

Возможна и оплата в WMR по курсу, конечно.
Заинтересовало предложение? Пишите на email

Любые вопросы общего характера можете задавать прямо в комментариях. Обязательно отвечу.

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Rapidshare: Super Happy Hours for Premium users!!!

From RS: To test parts of our new infrastructure, we have just disabled any traffic limits for premium users. This means unlimited downloading for all our premium customers. Have fun! Please notice that we may revoke this feature at any time without prior notice.

Enjoy! :)

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Top of File Sharing Services: June

So, the June Top:
1. (More)
2. (More)
3. (More)
4. (More)
5. (More)

Reasons of changes: New affiliate program of Hotfile (very bad), not stable remote-upload of Depositfiles.

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Changes in the handling of RapidPoints

From RS: As you know we are constantly trying to improve your experience with RapidShare. This includes simplifying our system, fighting fraud attempts and, of course, improving your benefits. In order to accommodate those needs, we have modified the way we count the RapidPoints generated by Premium Users. There is no 255 points limit per day anymore. This means, you can get an unlimited number of PU RapidPoints per day. The PU RapidPoints will not be stored separately, but added directly to your RapidPoints total, so they can also be used immediately. Every Premium User can generate 10 RapidPoints per day for other users by downloading their files. Those changes take effect immediately. If you would like to see how many RapidPoints and PU RapidPoints you have received each day, please let us know. We consider adding this information as an evaluation feature in the future.

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