RapidShare Manager (RSM) is released

The RapidShare Manager is a user friendly tool to upload and download files from RapidShare.com. The multiple setting possibility's allow the professional up- and downloading for beginners and experienced users. Upload is possible for premium, collector's and free user. Premium users can upload files with a file size up to 2.000 MB. Files bigger than 100 MB can only be downloaded by Premium users, unless the files have been a direct download and the traffic is paid by the file holder. Additional information to this feature can be found in the Premium Zone.

[ PREMIUM-Account ]
Please enter your login and password at Premium-Account in the settings. You can choose the upload method (premium, collector's zone or free user) for each file.

[ Upload ]
The upload of your files using Rapid Uploader is very simple. Choose the card Upload and drag all desired files to the list and drop them or click on the blue button and choose using the file chooser the files. All files have been added now and the upload starts. Upload can be made as Premium, Collector's or Free user. You have the possibility to choose how many parallel uploads start at the same time.

[ RSM Link ]
You can create a RSM link to provide a lot of files within one link. The RSM link can be handled with the RSM. Choose the files to make a RSM link and then click on RSM. You can add a comment. The comment will be shown to everyone who downloads the files using the RSM link. Please be aware that the RSM link is only for the RSM and some users do not use the RSM. You should always provide an additional normal download link.

[ Download ]
Choose the card Download and click on the blue button. You can add any text. RSM will extract the RapidShare download links and check if the files are still available. You can choose which files to download by deselecting unwanted links in the link list. If desired you can determine the save location and add a note to the download. You can edit a note to a download within the download queue. Click with the right mouse button to see the option menu. Click on download to start the download. You can determine how many downloads are possible at the same time. Finished downloads can be viewed/started by double clicking the entry.

[ Account/Konfiguration ]
Overall the RapidShare Manager (RSM) has a lot of different settings. Next to the proxy configuration, there are other settings, which help you to use the RSM. Just download it and check it out.

Download RapidShare Manager Installer (20 Kb)
Windows 98 / ME / NT / 2000 / XP / Vista
(.NET 2.0 Framework is required and will be installed automatically)

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EasyUploader - New version

EasyUploader is a light-weight application for Windows PCs that makes uploading to Easy-Share much easier and faster. Very simply as in use as and in tweak uploader.

2008-02-09 - New version of our uploader software now ready for download. Improved stability, ftp/http upload, it can resume broken ftp uploads.
Current version: v1.5 - 280 Kb.

EasyUploader Features
Upload to Easy-Share directly from your desktop.
• Multi-threaded uploads for faster transfers.
• Probably as anonimous as and premium uploads.

Your comments are welcome!

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DepositFiles Uploader

Now every Depositfiles user can upload his file even more easier, safer and at any time!
Depositfiles Uploader - is a program for easy files upload to
without using a web browser.

- simplified file upload process;
- unique opportunity to divide big files onto smaller ones with a help of archiver;
- uploading files into your Depositfiles account without a web browser;
- uploading one file or group of files;
- choosing the priority of the files to be uploaded;
- the program can work according to a schedule and you can set up the time when your computer needs to be switched off after it finished uploading;
- uploading process is both easy and pleasent!

First steps:
* In order not to loose your files we recommend to upload these into your account. Go to "Options" in the menu in the"Account" tag and type in your login and password (if you don't have an account with Depositfiles, you can register one here - this is totally free).

* The program automatically splits big files (more then 100 Mb) onto smaller parts with help of archiver so that you could add the files bigger then 100 Mb to the queue for upload. To switch this option on, please indicate the route to the Winrar archiver on your computer. To do this please check the box with "compress files bigger then..."and indicate the route to the folder with archiver. The archiver can be downloaded here.

- You can choose the way to export the links to uploaded files: either to copy to clipboard or to save it as text file. To do this, please go to "Options" in the menu and in the tag "Main" choose "clipboard" or "notepad".

- You can choose the format of the links to uploaded files. In menu tag "File" go to "Copy links" >> "Edit Link format templates" and set it up the way it's easy for you:
%down% - ordinary link
[url=%down%]%file%[/url] - link in bbcode format
%file% - link in html format
%down% %file% %size% - sequence:"link-file name-file size"
any link format-choose any that's convinient for you!

If you want to upload a file bigger then 100Mb - just add this to the upload queue and the program will offer splitting the file into smaller files and then will add these to the upload queue!

Pay attention that for this function to function properly, you need to go to "Options", choose submenu "Main" and indicate the route to the archiver program, mentioning the minimum size of the file and mark the option if you wish to activate it.

At the moment the program can be used only together with WinRar archiver which can be downloaded from official website.

Also please pay attention to such options as:minimize to tray, transparency of the program's panel, option of starting and stopping uploading according to the settings you make, etc.

DOWNLOAD DepositFiles Uploader

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Happy Hours on FileFactory!

Happy Hours on FileFactory!
Increased download limits for everyone every day 12AM-10AM CET!


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