Earn program of FilesDump.com

Did you know that you can earn money just by uploading and downloading files? If you have anything interesting to share with others, for example, it can be a funny video or a song, your photos from an exotic country or picturesque places or even useful free software. Just sign up to FilesDump, upload your files on our server and put the link to it on your blogs, popular forums, etc. Doing that you have already started earning money with FilesDump!

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FilesDump pay up to $20 for 1000 unique downloads!

FilesDump also pay:
- $1.5 per 1000 unique downloads of any files*, that you have downloaded with your unique link
- 5% referrals.

Payments due on Monday of each week. Minimum payout is only $20.

Earned money will be transferred to your bank account or you can receive your payments via the following payment systems: PayPal, WebMoney and Epassporte.
All our active members** get bonuses: they get Epassporte account and Visa Electron card absolutely FREE!

* You can earn money by downloading files uploaded by others. To do this please use special links containing your unique code.
** A member is considered ACTIVE by earning $50 with FilesDump.

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Country 1Mb..99Mb 100Mb..249Mb 250Mb..649Mb 650Mb_and_bigger
Austria $6 $7 $10 $20
Germany $6 $7 $10 $20
USA $6 $7 $10 $20
Australia $5 $6 $8 $15
Canada $5 $6 $8 $15
Belgium $5 $6 $8 $15
Great Britain $5 $6 $8 $15
Greece $5 $6 $8 $15
Denmark $5 $6 $8 $15
Ireland $5 $6 $8 $15
Spain $5 $6 $8 $15
Luxembourg $5 $6 $8 $15
Macedonia $5 $6 $8 $15
Netherlands $5 $6 $8 $15
Poland $5 $6 $8 $15
Portugal $5 $6 $8 $15
France $5 $6 $8 $15
Croatia $5 $6 $8 $15
Montenegro $5 $6 $8 $15
Czech Republic $5 $6 $8 $15
Switzerland $5 $6 $8 $15
Sweden $5 $6 $8 $15
Finland $5 $6 $8 $15
Azerbaijan $4 $5 $7 $10
Bulgaria $4 $5 $7 $10
Hungary $4 $5 $7 $10
Israel $4 $5 $7 $10
Kazakhstan $4 $5 $7 $10
Kyrgyzstan $4 $5 $7 $10
Latvia $4 $5 $7 $10
Lithuania $4 $5 $7 $10
Russia $4 $5 $7 $10
Romania $4 $5 $7 $10
Serbia $4 $5 $7 $10
Slovakia $4 $5 $7 $10
Ukraine $4 $5 $7 $10
Estonia $4 $5 $7 $10

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FilesDump is an easy, quick and reliable service that allows storing and sharing your files hosted on our servers as long as it is required. The service is remarkable for its accessibility, as stored files are available to ANY computer connected to the internet. Share your digital images, magazine scans, favorite music, videos, and any data that is too large for emailing.

Max file size (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): Limited / Limited / Unlimited
Premium-account: Yes
Period of files-keeping (Not registered/Free/Premium): After 10/ After 60*/ After 180* days
* The file will be deleted if it has not been downloaded at least once within the specified period.
Max file size for uploads: 1 Gb (1024 Mb)
Parallel downloads (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): 1 / 2 / Unlimited
FTP upload (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): No / Yes / Yes
Link lifetime (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): 3 / 6 / 24 hours
Hidden files (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): No / Yes / Yes
Password protected (private) files (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): No / Yes / Yes
Comments and ratings (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): No / Yes / Yes
Download-Limit (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): 100 Mb / 300 Mb / No Limit
Timeout (Unauthorized/Free/Premium): 60 / 30 / 0 sec
Resume downloads: Premium users only
Earn program: Yes. Good program!
Multi-upload: Yes
Remote upload: Yes
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 8/9
Support of Download-Accelerators: Premium users only
Special Upload/Download soft: No

Special feature:
1. Remote Uploads for other services without premium-account.
Added. Tested:

REGISTER Free account NOW!

The following are the key features why we recommend choosing our service and store your files with on FilesDump. FilesDump is free, user-friendly and easy-to-use.
* The FilesDump interface makes it easy to store and retrieve files on the web;
* Simple registration process;
* Convenient structuring and file management;
* Limitless bandwidth;
* Unlimited uploads/downloads;
* Files are available for downloading right after being uploaded to FilesDump;
* Restrict the access to protect your important files, and grant it to only people you trust;
* 24x7x365 Support is always responsive and ready to assist you in any problem related to using of our service.

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AIO Tools Set 1.0: Uploaders/Downloaders for Sharing Services

If you download a lot of files from free file hosting sites like RapidShare, MegaUpload, Depositfiles etc. then this AIO-set for you!
25 most popular tools to work with the file. Official and unofficial programs.

Full list:
Depositfiles.com: FileManager
DepositFiles.com: Uploader
Easy-Share.com: Uploader
FileFactory.com: Turbo v0.9.15
Gigasize.com: Toolbar
LetitBit.net: Direct Download v1.0
Megaupload.com: Mega Manager
Rapidshare.com: Portable Rapidshare Inspector v0.9.7.8
Rapidshare.com: Portable Rapidshare NoLimit v1.04
Rapidshare.com: RapidShare Database Search 2009
Rapidshare.com: Rapidshare Manager v1.0.0.1
Rapidshare.com: RapidShare Plus v3.1
Rapidshare.com: Rapidshare Unlimited File Downloader
Rapidshare.com: RapidUploader
Rapidshare.de: RapidGet
SendSpace.com: Wizard v1.1.45
Transferbigfiles.com: DropZone Client
Uploading.com: Uploader
VS*: Fullurl v2.5
VS*: JDownloader v4.233
VS*: Orbit Downloader v2.8.4
VS*: USDownloader v13.64 by blackmanos, v1.3.5.1, Lite by KireevSasha
Rapidshare.com: RapidAssist v1.0.0
Rapidshare.com: Rapidshare Auto Downloader v3.1

* - tool for various services

65 Mb. Download from:
Uploading OR
Depositfiles OR
SharingMatrix OR
Rapidshare OR

Enjoy! :)

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Earn program of UploadBox.com is changed

From UB: The testing period of our service is to be over on February, the 12th at 23:59 (Greenwich Time). We appreciate your work and participation in the project under the testing period. You proved to be real professionals. We are glad to have found so many partners we can rely on and will be really pleased to continue our cooperation in future. The testing period helped us to test a great number of technical details, to improve usability as well as to develop a reliable and profitable service which will be launched in the nearest future. As soon as we finish the testing period we launch a new pay scale which will promptly value the traffic and optimize the profits.

With the new pay scale the profits of the most of webmasters will not be reduced. The new pay scale is given below:
* 1000 files downloads of 1+ Mb - $5
* 1000 files downloads of 30 + Mb - $7
* 1000 files downloads of 50 + Mb - $10
* 1000 files downloads of 100 + Mb - $12
* 1000 files downloads of 200 + Mb - $15
* 1000 files downloads of 500 + Mb - $20


At the present moment we are working at putting into action the increasing and probably decreasing coefficients depending on the traffic country as well as additional bonuses for big-sized files and payments for downloading files less than 1 Mb size. The old scale of charges will be used till 23:59 February, the 12th (Greenwich Time). All the payments on the old pay scale will be made in full. The sums less than 25$ can be requested via tickets.

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Depositfiles: New Bonus-program

Start new Bonus-program of Depositfiles.com!

Flexible tariffs that depends on the size of files you upload!

Tariffs for 1000 unique downloads:
#File Size #Tariff
1Mb .. 4Mb - $2
5Mb .. 9Mb - $3
10Mb .. 49Mb - $5
50Mb .. 99Mb - $6
100Mb .. 249Mb - $8
250Mb .. 2000Mb - $10

For example: if you have 5 files each of 1 MB, 10 of 50 MB, 15 of 100 MB and 15 of 250 MB,
your average tariff will be $7.5 for 1000 downloads!

# We pay for downloads from USA and Russia
# You are also paid 20% of the amount earned by your Referrals.
# Only one thing you have to do is to upload the file at depositfiles.com and place unique link on pages of your site, forum topics or send it to your friends by e-mail.
# Detailed statistics of downloads and revenues is available through your account.
# The minimum payable amount now makes $10! (for active Webmasters)
Payments are made every first week of the month AUTOMATICALLY for those Webmasters who reached $40 and more. But if you reached $10 and don't want to wait, you can order the payment earlier. Details
# We pay through on-line payment systems of your country (for details, look in the “Bonus” section in your account)
# New webmasters -professional and amateurs join us every day.
# To register in our bonus-program, please provide your payment details on "Bonus Program" page.


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UploadBox is an international service for no-cost storage and transfer of files. An overall disk space is already beyond 10 Terabytes and it continues to increase. Our servers are based on several gigabyte internet-channels from different internet providers, it's banding is developing and improving.

Max file size : 2 Gb
Premium-account: Yes
Period of files-keeping : The storage time depends on the size of the file. For example, file of medium size (up to 100 MB) will be stored for 30 days of their last downloading and big files (more than 1 GB)-for 10 days after it's last downloading. If the file you uploaded is popular among the users it can be stored at our servers almost forever (there are live examples of that). If you wish simply to store files for them to be available for you to download them at any time, please pay attention to our premium feature of our service! Having registered Premium account (Premium account is free!) you can store your files FOREVER, while your premium account is valid.
Parallel downloads: ?
Download-Limit : No Limit
Timeout : 2 sec
Resume downloads: No
Earn program: Yes. Good Program.
# paid only the unique download size which more than 1MB. Unique download - it downloads a file from one ip address during the day. All subsequent downloads this ip will be not unique, respectively, will not be paid.
# The minimum payment is 25 $ (input and output purse funds available to him, to achieve this minimum)
# Payment is made only in Webmoney to Z Purse
# time an application is 36 hours during working days and 48 hours on weekends
Multi-upload: Yes
Remote upload: No
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 7/5
Support of Download-Accelerators: No
Special Upload/Download soft: No

Special feature:
NOW Premium account is FREE! Simply Register!


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RapidShare T-shirt Contest 2009

RapidShare presents itself in your outfit!
Create the new limited edition RapidShare T-shirt and design not only an exclusive and top-quality award, but also the cool outfit for RapidShare's public appearances.
If your design wins, it will be produced in limited edition of 5.000 T-shirts and will be an extremely hot fashion item!
Send us your design proposal until February 18, 2009, as a RapidShare-Link by e-mail to tshirt@rapidshare.com and also win an awesome RapidShare package!

1. production of your T-shirt in limited number, a 365 Days Premium Account, 2.500 GB TrafficSahre, merchandising package, 200.000 RapidPoints
2. a 365 Days Premium Account, 2.500 GB TrafficShare, 50.000 RapidPoints
3. a 365 Days Premium Account, 1.000 GB TrafficShare, 50.000 RapidPoints
4. a 365 Days Premium Account, 500 GB TrafficShare, 50.000 RapidPoints
5. a 365 Days Premium Account, 500 GB TrafficShare, 30.000 RapidPoints
6. a 365 Days Premium Account, 300 GB TrafficShare, 30.000 RapidPoints
7. a 365 Days Premium Account, 200 GB TrafficShare, 30.000 RapidPoints
8. a 365 Days Premium Account, 100 GB TrafficShare, 20.000 RapidPoints
9. a 365 Days Premium Account, 100 GB TrafficShare, 10.000 RapidPoints
10. a 365 Days Premium Account, 100 GB TrafficShare, 10.000 RapidPoints

Download the design guideline for the T-shirt and get started! You can use pretty much unrestrained* fantasy! Entry deadline is February 18, 2009, 12:00 a.m. (midnight).

The RapidShare-Jury will select the ten best entries and is going to put these up for your vote on February 24, 2009. You will have one week to vote for your favorite and determine what limited edition T-shirt design wins.

* When presenting your design, the following guidelines need to be adhered to:

* T-shirt colour: RapidShare blue (Pantone 655) or black
* Print-colours: a maximum of 3 freely selectable saturated colours (please indicate colour name, no gradient colours)
* Print-size: T-shirt printable throughout (gap to all seams at least 1 cm, T-Shirts feature side-seams)
* The logo and the RapidShare word mark need to appear in the design, it can be modified, but brand recognition is a given.

At entry, the following guidelines need to be adhered to
* Please send your design proposal to tshirt@rapidshare.com
* Email including the RapidShare download link to the JPG (max. 1024x1024 pixel)
* Please DO NOT email picture attachments
* No additional text in the email body
* Don't post multiple download-links

Due dates
* Begin of contest is February 04, 2009.
* Submission deadline of your picture for your T-shirt is on February 18, 2009.
* Begin of the voting for your favorite is on February 24, 2009.
* End of Voting is on March 01, 2009.
* Announcement of winner rankings is on March 03, 2009.

Disregard to these guidelines can result in exclusion of the contest.
* Please click here to open the design guideline in PDF
* RapidShare Logos

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Earn-program of Uploading.com

The Earn-program of Uploading.com is the BEST on current time!

# We pay for file downloads where filesize is more than 1 megabyte and lower than 100 megabytes.
# We pay 10$ for every 1000 uniq US downloads of your files.
# We pay 10$ for every 1000 uniq EU downloads of your files.
# We pay 5$ for every 1000 uniq RU downloads of your files.
# We pay 20$ if user buy Premium access while downloading your file.
# We pay 10% of your referals earnings.
# You can request payment at any moment (using "Payment request") if your balance more than 30$.
# Payment System: PayPal, Webmoney, Wire Transfer, ePassporte, Epese


Do you want to earn money, but you lack experience? No problem!

1. Register on Uploading.com using THIS link.

2. Once earn $1 with uploading.com send me to e-mail (admin dot ebooks at gmail dot com) your name under which you are registered in uploading.com. This is to check whether you are my referrals. $1 - in order to find out whether you really want to work.

3. I will contact you and will give a lot of tips and tricks as earn a lot of money on affiliate program of Uploading.com.
This will be beneficial to you, and therefore will benefit me. Mutually beneficial cooperation :)

4. Continued support and answers to all your questions - guaranteed

Enjoy! :)

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Work Zone

Dear Friends!

Post here Your
errors in publications,
any questions,


Thanks in advance!

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FileFactory is died?


First, reduction of bonuses in affiliate program. Now the service was in the non-payment of money...
A damning: "we all pay"! Number of transactions sent refuse. It seems that the FileFactory is died...


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DepositFiles Filemanager (version 0.9.7)

Download files quicker with new DepositFiles downloader!

Do you still download by your browser?
Download from DepositFiles with new DepositFiles Filemanager!

• Plenty of files downloaded fast and comfortable!
• Continuing of interrupted file downloading even with another IP or Profile!
• Immediate check of links validity!

Creating the program we tried to take into account all user's needs, so here you can get lot's of useful functions, such as:
• all unfinished downloadings are saving with “df” extension and the downloading processes
may be continued on any other user with any other IP address.
• multithread download provides high speed of file downloads
• the program itself detects all links to DepositFiles on a page
• there are plenty ways of adding links so you can choose the most comfortable for you.
• the program provides many operations with links: group, export, import, establish priorities etc.
• the program gives you a possibility to download a link out of order (forced download)
• user-friendly interface

• High speed
• Continuing of interrupted download
• MultiThread
• Links Detecting
• Possibility of forced download
• Comfortable interface

The program is free for all DepositFiles users!

Download NOW!

Only for Files Storages Encyclopedia members:
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