Bonus from Uploading - April's Jumbo Promotion!

New April's Jumbo Promotion! We have decided to continue our March's promo in April!

Starting March 13th until the end of April We Will Pay whoooping $15 per 1000 US Downloads!

That's like 150% of what You were making before!

Hurry up, Upload your files, Make x1.5 More Money with your North American traffic only in April!


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Lottery! RapidShare is giving away 50.000 Euro in cash!

Are you looking forward to your next well-deserved holiday? Wouldn't it be great if you won the lottery and had lots of money to spend additionally?

We are holding a drawing for 50.000 Euro in cash, and the best part of it is: you can participate for free!

You simply exchange 50 RapidPoints for one lottery ticket in the Premium Zone, and your ticket will automatically participate in the drawing. You can even get more than one ticket if you want to increase your winning chance. If you don't have a Premium Account, you can of course participate using a free Collector's Account.

Our FAQ describe how to collect RapidPoints,. The Premium or Collector's Zone always shows your current amount of RapidPoints and lottery tickets.

On June 1st, 2009 we will draw the winner out of all lottery tickets.

The winner will be notified by e-mail, so if you want to participate in the drawing, please check if the E-mail address associated with your account is correct.

Read full post is a so-called 1-click-hoster/sharehoster that hosts your files for FREE! After uploading a file you will get your personal download link you can send to your friends all over the world.

Max file size: 300 Mb
Period of files-keeping: We delete inactive files after about 30 days.
Premium-account: No
Parallel downloads: No
Download-Limit: No
Resume aborted downloads: No
Earn program: No
Multi-upload: No
Remote upload: No
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 5/5
Support of Download-Accelerators: Yes
Special Upload/Download soft: Upload-Tool

My opinion: Poor service, but you can try :)

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Much can be said about 2shared but what is mostly important - it is a large and absolutely free storage for any sorts of files. Clear and simple rules work here: if you’ve got files you want to share, just upload them to 2shared, and the world will get to know about them.

My opinion: Very strange service! There is no information about its properties. Very unprofessional...

But you can try :)

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Redirect Remover 2.5.5 for FireFox

Removes Redirects from Links and Images.


From Author: I've stopped development of RDR and will provide no further versions. Feel free to take over the project.

It mainly has two purposes:
1. Speed up browsing by de-proxyfying images and directly jumping to link-target
2. Increase transparency on some links by showing "real" link-target

It doesn't really increase your privacy. It can, but there are like a dozen ways to circumvent Redirect Remover, so don't expect it to do wonders. If you would like to test your Redirect Remover installation, have a look at the test page with all kinds of links containing redirects, special characters and so on:

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Depositfiles: Attention! Referral Action!!!

Invite your friends, colleagues, friends from blogs, forums, communities to the Bonus Program!

Every your referral from Europe, The US, Canada and Australia, registered in Bonus Program from March 13 to May 1st and also every referral from Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Moldova, registered from April 3 to May 1st will bring you extra income:
- in 1st month of his work - 100% of his earnings!
- in 2nd month of his work - 50% of his earnings!
- in 3rd month of his work - 30% of his earnings!

For example, if a person registered as your referral on March 15, you will get bonuses:
from March 15 to April 14 - 100% оf his earnings,
from April 15 to May 14 - 50% of his earnings
from May 15 to June 14 - 30% of his earnings.
After June 14 the percents become usual 20%.

The percents are extra bonuses and are not taken from your referral earnings! You just get bonuses calculated as percents of his earning!

Referrals from 46 countries can participate into the Action: Europe(entire), Russia, The US, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, Belarus and Moldova. Referrals from other countries will bring you usual 20% bonuses!


Your referral link and the list of your referrals you can find as always on the page Referrals.
On the same page you can find referral banners for more efficient search of referrals.

Creation of multiaccounts is STRICTLY PROHIBITED!
If you already have an account and decided to register by yourself one more as a referral, to your existing account – then
both of your accounts will be BLOCKED FOREVER and earnings will be frozen!

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