Earn programs of SharingMatrix

All you need to do is upload a file and place the URL received on your forum or blog web page, or on web pages where the user agreement permits users to put links.

We pay 5$ for each 1000 downloads
Note: Only for next countries - USA, Canada, Great Britain, Australia, Germany, Austria, Spain, Swiss, Belgium, Holland, France, Italy, Russia.

We pay you 30% from the price of Premium accounts you sell. You also receive 30% of all payments from a premium user, while he remains a user of Premium service.

If user purchase 1 month premium access = you receive 600 points
If user purchase 3 month premium access = you receive 1500 points
If user purchase 6 month premium access = you receive 2700 points

Referral program
We will pay you 20% from money earned for downloads from affiliates who you referred to the Sharing Matrix affiliate program. This only applies to money earned from downloads.

- The payment period is 1 month

- Payment is sent 15 days after the end of each period
Example: Payment for February will be sent 15th March

- All the payments will be sent to PAYPAL and WEBMONEY accounts.

- Minimal payment 50 USD.

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I represent a NEW file sharing hosting - SharingMatrix!
Its NEW file hosting with power affiliate program.

Max file size (Free/Premium): 300 Mb/2 Gb
Premium-account: Yes (You can buy premium-account after registration)
Period of files-keeping after last download (Free/Premium): 90 days after last download/Unlimited
Parallel downloads: Premium members only
Download-Limit (Premium/Free): 100 GB per month/The total volume of downloaded files is limited and depends on the number free users who use the service in the requested moment.
Resume aborted downloads: Premium members only
Earn program: We pay 5$ for each 1000 downloads. Read more.
Multi-upload: Yes
Remote upload (Premium/Free): Yes/No
Speed and Stability of Download/Upload (bad 1...10 good): 8/9
Registration: Yes. Free, not needed for simply upload. But needed for access to full features of service, for buy Premium Account, and for use Earning program.
Support of Download-Accelerators: Premium members only
Special Upload/Download soft: No

Special Features:
1. Get a FREE account by uploading popular files. Active uploader get free Premium Account. Generate 2000 points and get Premium Account.
2. You can make Gift 3 Gb per week to your friends with PREMIUM priority (Function accessible only for files uploaded in your Premium account).
3. File manager tool.
4. Files folder tool.

Resume: Very good NEW service! Recommended!
Positive: For uploaders: earn program, of course. For All: Speed and Stability of Download/Upload.

Earn program     Join premium-account after registration

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