Earn program of FileFactory.com

Every 10.000 points equals $10 USD.

Tokens: Tokens are worth 10,000 points and are unique codes which can only be used once. Each token equals 30 days of free FileFactory Premium membership. You are free to give away your tokens or use them to extend your Premium subscription on your own account.

Send us traffic and receive 500 bonus points for every new customer who signs up to FileFactory Premium as a result. To prevent fraud and chargebacks, points are added to your account 30 days after signup.

Each successful completed download equals one point. Use your download points to generate cash for yourself, or generate tokens and give away free FileFactory Premium memberships to your site visitors, friends or family.

Cash Payments: Payments are made on the 15th day of the following month. For example, if you convert your points earned from January to cash, you will be paid on the 15th of February.


You must register an account and upload all your files when you are logged into your account so we can track your downloads.

Your uploads must meet our terms of service.

Downloads of files larger than 100MB or smaller than 1MB do not qualify. Downloads by Premium members do not qualify.

You must not try to manipulate your download statistics. Only unique completed downloads are counted.

Payments are only made via Paypal - you must have a Paypal account and be able to receive funds. You must notify us of your Paypal account email address in your account management section in order to receive payment.

After a token has been applied to an account, the login to the account must not be shared. Shared accounts are immediately closed without warning.

Points accumulated in one month cannot be converted to cash or tokens until the following month. For example, points earned in January can be convereted to cash in the beginning of February, for payment on 15th February.

You need a Premium membership to qualify for cash payments.


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Rapidshare website down!

Rapidshare website down. Today Rapidshare is down completely for the whole world. The premium Rapidshare-users are outraged over this some sudden downtime that they have been experiencing for a while now. There was no offical notice on rapidshare’s website about the downtimes.
Maybe the Rapidshare owners are saving enough many to buy the “High-End” PCs for the contest who knows unless we get an official response from Rapidshare we may never know what the real reason is behind the recent downtimes that has been happening to many people and not to the rest.

As of 19 January 2008 16:00 GMT, Rapidshare's servers appear to be offline. There are rumors that Rapidshare has been shut down by the authorities after a court order, however, court records do not reveal any issued Rapidshare court order as of yet. Rapidshare technician Steven Gircham has commented on this issue: "There are rumors concerning attacks made on the Rapidshare.com servers. There are also rumors that Rapidshare has been shut down by a court order. These rumors are false. We would like to apologize to our users and inform them that no data has been lost. There have been some hardware issues as a result of high bandwidth and server overload. We are doing our very best to resolve the hardware issues, and users should expect uptime by midnight tonight (GMT)"

Added: Worked! 6 hours waiting :)

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