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RapidShare points system 2.0 [Update]

From RS: We have received a lot of feedback regarding our points and rewards system. We have now developed a new system, which will make valuable rewards possible for all our loyal customers and partners. We would like to thank all the customers who have contributed to this new system by providing their feedback and ideas!
Premium-RapidPoints will now be counted separately from the classical (Free-)RapidPoints. Premium-RapidPoints can be exchanged for Free-RapidPoints, but as an additional possibility, you will also be able to use them in place of the former "ReferrerPoints" in exchange for valuable rewards.
As a compensation for the waiting time until our new system has been finished, we are offering a great summer special: currently, you can create a 30-days Premium Account for only 1998 Free-RapidPoints!

Update, August 24: In order to simplify the system, the currency "ReferrerPoints" has been removed. The news message has been updated accordingly. When you gain us a new customer, you will receive Premium-RapidPoints instead, which you can use just like the ReferrerPoints. Of course all ReferrerPoints that have been collected until now have been conversed into the according number of Premium-RapidPoints.

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